Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Biggest Loser...

At Jim's work, they started a "Biggest Loser" competition in January.  Everyone put in a nominal fee to join in, and the company is putting up some big $$ for the winners in a few categories like individual and they are paired up and doing a biggest loser couple $ Prize too.
They wouldn't let spouses join in, and so I was surprised that Jim got in on it.  But it wouldn't kill him to drop a few pounds in the mid section.  But it would be cool for some of the prize money to find it's way to our house.

So at home I forget he is on a "diet" because his version of dieting is drinking 3 soda's instead of 4; or having only 1 plate of spaghetti and garlic Texas toast covered in butter instead of 2 1/2; or even just one bowl of ice cream instead of 2... so it's kind of hard to remember he is dieting, you see.  I really don't mean to be discounting his efforts or sabotaging any of his hard work.

But for Valentines Day I had made these chocolate lava cakes for him and Jacob (who is NOT on a diet and LOVES, LOVES, LOVES chocolate) and the batch made 4 small cakes... so he ate one on Monday (reluctantly because weigh in is on Tuesday mornings) and took the second one to work with him on Tuesday to enjoy after weigh in.

So an email emerged with this photo and caption that was sent to all his employees and co-workers that are in on the Biggest Loser competition.

The title of the email was 
"Busted with double chocolate mousse and cream"
Contestants,  See attached photo.  Much like Jerry, Jim is taking his liberties and eating whatever he likes, as his partner Ted is one of the top weight losers.  I feel sorry for you Ted.  Well at least you can compete for the individual competition.  Your partner looks like he is going to let you down.

Then Jim's reply to the harassing email...
Hold everything! Let’s let the facts speak for themselves that could have diet stuff (note:  LOL.. the whipped cream smothering the cake was fat free so Jim figures he was being good, ha ha ha) and Ted has no reason to doubt his partner as I did lose 1 lb this week and 4 lbs overall. And let’s be honest for a man in my incredible condition (he means at his age) I don’t really need to lose that much. And as a wise man once said "we shall see what we shall see".
The funny thing is, they will probably be eating their words... he can starve himself for 2 days before the final weight in and probably drop the size of a person.  It's sickening and totally misses the point of the program to "GET HEALTHY"... but he did tell me this morning not to buy any  more soda, he was going to try and drink more water!!  What?? Wow, that would be a HUGE change for him.  

His rationalization is that Jacob needs to wean off of the soda too before his mission.  They did stop for a month or so before and during the handcart trek last summer, so I am confident they can do it again!  

"We shall see, what we shall see".


McDowell Family said...

The post about Jim and the biggest loser was pretty funny! And he looks like he got caught red handed!! Anyway, about the soda habit. Travis didn't drink soda until his mission and it became a horrible habit when he came home! He found caffeine free soda on his mission! He did quit before trek and once we were in Salt Lake he had to get a Coke! Funny! Tell Jim good luck with it all!

Lindsey said...

Joshs work also did something like this last year and with Josh being a former wrestler, he can cut weight faster then anyone I know. By the time he was done he lost by less then 1/2 pound but he had "cut" so much weight that one of my friends actually called and asked if he was sick, lol.

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