Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Family togetherness...

How many times do you sacrafice just to have the family together?

I seem to make sacrafices quite often being out numbered by boys at my house.
I remember eating way more Mexican food and Subway (their fav's) than Chinese food (one of my favs).
Compromise, or sacrafice... that's debatable. 
I remember enduring Chuck E. Cheese, total sacrafice there.
Well this wasn't really a sacrafice, but I agreed to make our family time together this weekend on the golf course (the sacrafice is because I don't golf).  But I do enjoy the time to play with my camera, and I enjoy walking the course and getting out in the sunshine.  And family time... well is it always worth it!

So they played and I tried to capture the moments (smile).

 Two of the teenagers "signature" moments... the fist check with a "boom" sound effect followed by "yeah baby" Exsuberently!!!
That means he nailed a shot, and usually means he is winning.
His next signature move... is some kind of measuring tactic to align his stroke with the hole (which by the way you can't see on the other end of the course where you are aiming, this baffles me) just before he tee's off.  Cute, but yeah, it makes no sense to me, but seems to work for him.  I could see it in a game of pool, but at over 250 yards, how accurate could this be??  Again, it works for him... so I deemed it a signature move... he does it all the time and I constantly hold back a giggle when he does it (cause there is some unwritten rule about talking or giggling during their back stroke that I am always goofing up on).

 I managed to capture allot of consentration shots.
And somehow I always knew who was ahead, even though there was no score card in sight.

But, as in life... (and like my Papa used to say) "The sun don't shine on the same dog, all the time" (or something like that... said in a deep southern accent).
 And the same can be said for golf... even in the same game, on the same day... from one hole to the next.  The tables turn so quickly!

Somehow we managed to all have a really good time!
Priceless time with my boys!

(p.s. both boys were immediately put under the clippers after I download and looked at these pictures... wow, scruffy!)

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Kristi M. said...

I was driving down 10th and saw you guys. I knew it would show up here at some point. :)

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