Friday, January 14, 2011


This quote exactly sums up everything I wanted to express in my word of the year!
I sooooo needed this today!!
It's almost poetic how it came to me.  My VT partner and friend, reading her daughters blog who is one of my dear blogger friends, who had a link on her blog where this was posted, and any coincidence that the blog has amazing inspirational photography and writing that just pulled me in and reminded me of things I love and things that are important to me, and gifts I have been given that should not be wasted.  He knows me, He puts these people in my path so gently, He knows what they do for me, how they make me feel about myself and about life,  He knows when I will grasp something, when I will understand it.  He knows when I am feeling inadequate and need His grace!  And he never ever forgets about me!  Wow, I stand all amazed!!!
"Sometimes grace manifests as synchronicity-its energy brings together people or events in a soothing, helpful, or dramatic way when you most need it and least expect it. At other times grace is the energy that suddenly illuminates us with understanding, allowing us to see what we had not been able to grasp before. Grace can also lift us into an altered state of consciousness in which we feel suffused by an unfamiliar energy -an indescribable combination of love, hope, and fearlessness." ~Caroline Myss

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