Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Family Night with the Missionaries...

Monday night with the missionaries!
 Pizza, Aunt Carolyn's Chocolate Fudge cake... a big huge hit!
And some competitive dice games, so fun! 
Wrapped up with a little scripture and a lesson we all learned some new things about fasting... like apparently in the Hebrew language they didn't have a word for many, so they used the word they had for forty.  So when we read about Jesus fasting for forty days... it meant "many" days.  There are other references to forty in the Bible that make so much sense if you read it as "many".  I didn't know this.
We love having the missionaries over and Jacob had an opportunity to ask them LOTS of questions and grill them on their experiences to date, and he had a fun time battling and looking up things in his new scriptures with them.  Love it!!

I am sooo proud of my strong silent mysterious man for waiting to turn on the "big game" until after they left... he really really wanted to stretch the rules and kept saying if we just had the tv on, it wasn't like they had any control over what members do... that THEY weren't breaking the rules.  They were not convinced with his justification, and I am sure would have said goodbye really early if we had been watching tv while they were here.  He refrained and it was worth it to have some peace and quiet while they were with us.

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