Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Your getting sleepy...

Oakley went home today... he was such a good boy, and a pleasure to have in our home for the holidays! But I can say he was one happy puppy to see his Dad when he came to pick him up!!
He definitely has the ol' "I need a treat" hang dog look... I hope our dogs didn't teach that to him while he was visiting.
And we only had one "incident" of which Oakley has been cleared from completly because he could prove his innocence by having been in his kennel at the time in question.
We had gone all week protecting his dog food and this huge bag of treats to insure he could take everything home with him that he came with. And on the very last day, this!
The entire bag of dog bones gone while we slept! (I am pretty sure I know the culpret, ahem TAYLOR cough!!!). Luckily Santa brought him a new bag of treats for Christmas that didn't get inhaled.
Our dogs konk out quite litterally... but Oakley, being in a new place was skeptical about closing his eyes (as you can imagine).
This is our series of "your getting sleepy"... the only time we saw him sleep outside of the safety of his kennel that he didn't have one eye open all the time.

Oakley, we will miss your sweet little face around our house.
And you are welcome to come back to visit anytime!
If you can brave the elements around here :)

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