Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mrs. Clean...

No I have not lost my marbles and become a clean freak!
But in putting away the Christmas decorations somehow there is more "grubby" in my house, or maybe without all the extra holiday stuff maybe I am just noticing it more.
So I pulled out these magic erasers I had gotten on a coupon sale a while back and just never got around to trying out.
It started with some food that had originally exploded in my microwave but then after not attending to it right away became cooked on over time.  No before and after photos, it was gross and embarrassing!  But these things clean the inside of my microwave surface SO slick!!
I was motivated and moved on to the stove top... same thing.... really magic! (mom I bet it would be an awesome tool to keep your glass stove top shining).  It got the greasy grimey stuff that is hard to get off, and the sticky splatter from the stove that gets on that lumpy textured surface of the side of our refridgerator came off with such ease.  The inside of the fridge where a jug of juice got spilled and was cold and sticky... swiped right off.
The scuff marks on the floor, the sink that just won't come white... yep the dingy erased right out.  Even the chrome fixture on the sink, and the grime dripped on our gloss white molding around the dining room, and the black greasy finger prints on the white doors going into the pantry and the handle on the fridge that the boys just grab to look on their way to wash their hands when they get home from work.  Nothing worse than motor grease finger prints on every surface!  But this spongy thing works great!!
As I was moving around the molding into the living room I swiped something that had left splatter marks on the leather furniture, yep... it cleans the leather great too!  I bet it would do leather shoes or purses nicely too.
I can't wait to see what it does to the fiberglass tubs and the bathroom fixture and it says mirrors and glass on the box too!  I am so excited, I have lots of dog nose prints (aka dog snot) and you have to rub and rub to get them cleaned from the windows and mirrors around here.  I know, my dogs are keeping a safe distance from me in this whirlwind right now.
My new love... Mr. Clean!! 


Lindsey said...

the magic erasers are by far one of my favorite cleaning utensils!

HeidiT said...

It's definitely a must have at the childcare center I work at! I'm constantly buying and telling my staff to whip out the magic eraser, works like a charm.

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