Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Nativity...

A family in our ward puts on a live nativity and invites all the children that want to come participate in the program to come. They have costumes and they do an entire pageant of the nativity, complete with live sheep, alpaca, donkeys and chickens.

They put this on with new actors each night for 3 nights leading up to Christmas.

If you come just to watch you are part of the choir and sing along to the beautiful music to help tell the story of Jesus Birth. Tonight was opening night, it was cold but mild and tolerable outside in the big tent.


Because I am still learning to do photography in low light, I was pretty challenged all night, but I still think these pictures will tell the story much sweeter than any of my sarcastic commentary...Yes he is a live baby Jesus on loan, but I promise he was not cold... the manger was complete with a heating pad... and he was only there for a short time before he woke up and protested the "humble circumstances out of his daddy's arms. And in case you are wondering... complete and proper care and protection of the children and animals were enforced and none of them were forced to participate against their will, or harmed in the process.

Everyone warmed up afterwards with hot cocoa and cookies!

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