Thursday, December 23, 2010

A happy accident...

I often find strange things in the washing machine when I go to move the load into the dryer. I have a rule that everyone is responsible for cleaning out their own pockets before the clothes go into the hamper to be washed because it is hard enough for me to get the stuff sorted and washed and dried and put away without having to go through pockets too. So I have washed some very odd things, but they don't usually forget often, because if you have ever had something you LOVE washed and ruined... you remember to empty your pockets (like your cell phone or ipod, or your payroll check). So it works pretty well for us.
But apparently the dogs didn't get the memo on that rule because I found this in a load today.
It was a happy accident, because I don't think to wash their grubby toys... I am just really happy this bright red toy didn't show up in load of whites, that could have been a very pink unhappy mess up.

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