Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve, ready or not...

I woke up so early this morning (4:45am), you would have thought it was Christmas day and not Christmas Eve... so I took advantage of not being able to go back to sleep and put on my favorite Christmas sweatshirt
and headed out to the store to pick up groceries for our annual Hoagies and root beer floats traditional Christmas Eve dinner. I had been putting off this trip not wanting to tackle the crowds or take the new car out onto the frozen roads all week, so early was the only way it was going to happen.
I just had a few more stocking stuffers to grab...
hmmm... 4 packages of treats, interesting there is that an extra one?
And how many stockings is that? Seems to be an extra one to fill this year?
Yes, we have a little Christmas surprise a brewing...
When I finally made it back home, my strong silent mysterious man made the best mountain man breakfast and we all sat and ate at the dining room table, which if you know us very well is a Christmas miracle in itself. It was so good, and so nice not to have to do groceries AND breakfast. I love him, he is the best!!

Then he serenaded me while I did the breakfast dishes and cleaned up the kitchen.... did I mention I LOVE this guy? Mr. Wonderful!!
I am loving having him home from work an extra day this week, sigh!
The teenager went with me to deliver some neighbor gifts... I finally got around to making some almond roca (so sorry to all of our family for not getting any homemade treats in the mail this year).
Then we were in the mood for a drive and saw this guy... no we did not adopt him, just felt bad for him having to ride in the back. He was so adorable, and looked so cold and sad.
After the movie we walked over to Home Depot and the teenager who's current obsession is TOOLS, was in heaven!!!! He had been saving a small allowance each week from his paycheck and wanted to buy some more tools for work. It's fun to see him feel a little reward for all of his hard work. And he has been so good about saving. It's amazing how careful he is with his own money.
I saw this tool kit, it reminded me of the tool box my brother bought me filled with all the essential tools I would need to keep my household going. It was perfect! I used it all the time. A hammer for hanging pictures, screwdrivers, tape measure, a box cutter, etc.... I was surprised at how much I used it and loved it. And to this day, it is off limits to the men in my house, because they don't return things and then you don't have what you need when you need it.

And this one came is this cute compact carrying case, and was only $9.97!!
It would be a perfect graduation gift for the girls in your life.
And our little Christmas surprise... meet Oakley!

Just teasing!!! Mom, I promise we didn't adopt him!!
His parents are visiting from Oregon and his Grandpa, well lets just say we are pretending he is allergic to Oakley and that's why he can't stay at Grandpa's house. So we have gotten word into Santa that Oakley can be found at Dusk Ct. this year! He is so adorable and all our pups are getting along great with him, after the initial "leave me alone" growls that he very infatically put out to their curious nosie noses... everyone is now respecting each others space. So all is well!

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