Monday, April 19, 2010

This weekend, to carry out the birthday holiday weekend extravaganza the strong silent mysterious man pretty much just asked for some back rubs and head scratches.

He is too easy.


The car the teenager has been driving had a dead battery, and when the strong silent mysterious man went to take it out and check it out... we found out it takes an act of congress to get it out of the car. So weird, you can't even see it from the top like in any other car? (really good thing I never had to jump start it... I can hear that coversation; "really honey, I am looking and there is NO battery"). So that really made his day... it was looking like he would have to take off one of the front tires to get the battery out, but by cranking it waaaaayyyy to the right you can manipulate it out under the car and out the wheel well that way??? Really? What is that about?? So he got to spend a big part of the day searching for the right battery, yep it was bad, and cables, they were really bad and needed replacing too. Four stores later, we managed to find all the parts. (he didn't even chew out the first young punky parts store worker kid that lives in an "ignorance is bliss" kind of bubble. He took his frustration and chocking shaped hands and walked out... the kid will never know how lucky he really was).


He broke off another tooth and a big ol' filling came out (probably bad mojo for not saving that birthday money and spending it on a rifle; he he he... JK!). So the poor guy didn't get to finish up his weekend celebrating. He is okay, please don't send flowers.


This morning I got up and decided to be a good Mom and make the teenager some ham and cheese and egg bisquits to fuel him up for a big golf tournament today. So the strong silent mysterious man got to benefit from those too. Then they were off... since the car is still out of commission he dropped the teenager off to meet the golf team to travel to the tournament.

Yeah, he is really loving having to give up some of his freedoms, and be driven around by his parents again, as you could imagine. But when we tell him what it really costs to keep a car running for him to just get in and drive; he does act appreciative! (good answer kid, you've heard the term easy come, easy go?).


After they were off, I talked myself into going for a walk. I fell off any and all workout routines when I went into vapor lock and haven't done anything since. So when they say if you stop, you really don't stop, you slide backwards, IT"S TRUE!

I have been trying to talk myself into something... anything, and it was SO HARD!!

But I grabbed a dog and just went. It was only a 30 min walk, but I got out there.

I didn't feel great about the walk... it seemed such a little effort (maybe I have been sitting around watching too much biggest loser).

But I did feel a little better to see that other people have weeds too!

Why does that make me feel better? To know someone else is tortured by noxious weeds? I have just wanted (not really wanted, but felt the need) to get out and get working on mine and they kept getting bigger all weekend, I could almost watch them grow... and never did it. Ugggg. (I think I actually walked out and stood on the porch looking at them for a while yesterday... pondering what it will take to deal with them). So now they are haunting me! (one of those up hill battles for me that I tend to procrastinate). But there are tons of houses within a 30 min radius that have weeds to deal with too... so I am not alone. Phew!

Somehow that brings me a brief moment of comfort.

Go figure?
We will see what the rest of Monday brings?

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Kristi M. said...

I go out and check on my weeds too! With the time that I spend looking at them, they could have already been out of the ground. Thankfully we all have them.

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