Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Meet Monday...

Monday, the second day of the week, the first working day, it is named after the moon in many languages; the ancient Romans and Babylonians named the days of the week after stars and planets; Monday meaning "moons day".
For me, there are no two Mondays alike! It is my catch up day... I should make it a ketchup day, I love ketchup!
So yesterday, it was dishes and laundry. Letters and emails. Work at home. Return the really expensive golf shoes the teenager got for Christmas that were falling apart... I hate it when that happens... but they paid the shipping and were very accommodating, still a pain to take care of the details and get him shoes before the tournament.
I haven't been able to do much couponing... and when you fall away, you lose touch.
So I got back out slowly and went for 4 different great deals... ended up actually getting only two of them.

Dawn .30 ea... we use this all the time, pretty good deal.
Mens razors, free + sales tax.... great deal!

I got in another walk, but the sun was getting pretty hot by 4pm... and with my newest adventure of experiencing hot flashes (yeah I know), it wasn't much fun for me (note to self get out early tomorrow).
The Strong Silent Mysterious Man worked on getting the battery and cables changed in the teenagers car. I tried to step in and be "flashlight" girl... but he was grouchy, hot, tired and it was a very big pain... so I snapped a few photos and gave him moral support from just inside the house... so I could hear him hollar if he needed anything, but could "not"hear him hollar when things weren't going his way. It's a fine line!

We had a wonderful family night... we sang Hymn 98 "I need Thee Every Hour" (not quite like the Mormon Tabernacle does it, but it is still a very pretty Hymn) Jim played it on the guitar, and the teenager gave us his home teaching lesson he had shared with the families he visits from President Uchtdorf's talk "A Great Work of God". He shared his testimony with us of what he knows about personal revelation, and when we receive it from God, we need to act upon it, no matter how crazy it might seem at the time, or if we don't understand why - because Heavenly Father will bless us and often the lives of others when we follow His promptings. And how they come in different ways to us, sometimes just a thought, sometimes through others, sometimes in our dreams, sometimes in that still small voice, but listen to them, and most importantly act upon them. Of course I cried, the spirit taught me the truth of what he had said. And I am not always good about acting upon personal revelation that I receive from God, sometimes it seems like a hard thing to do, or that I might be too busy to set time aside to do it. I also cried because Jacob's testimony of the gospel is very sweet. And a treasure to me as his Mother!
I heard a lesson in church on Sunday about journal keeping... and I thought it would be a great idea to keep a journal of our family home evenings... the hymn, the lesson, testimonies, and the treat. I know it is kind of late to start these now, the teenager is almost 18, but I am guessing it will be a neat journal to look back on when he is on a mission. No matter how few entries we will have between now and the time he leaves. I wish I would have started it much earlier, but it's okay... I will have the record from here on out! And Jim and I will continue to have them when the teenager is gone, so those could be interesting reading someday too!
After our lesson... because I am not good at the whole family night treat thing (I think I am always dieting on Monday's and to make sweets just wasn't in the cards; it's a wonder my family ever even shows up for family night... sheesh) so I started out with a semi healthy treat last night... I had a fresh pineapple, Yum!

Then the teenager suggested we dip it in melted chocolate chips... that was a good idea, and really yummy!

Then we found the jar of Nutella (I had bought it for the crepes for a yw activity)... and oooooohhhh that was really yummy, but the healthy was then way out the window!
I recorded it, in what is now my Family Home Evening Journal, and a good time was had by all!

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bgsorenson said...

Sounds like a great FHE. I love great treats like fruit and chocolate. Yummeeeeeee.

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