Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Boycott is over...

Years ago we were given tickets to go watch the "Yotes" basketball team at the local collage play. It was so fun and we had a great time.
Wendy's is a big sponsor for them and they play a game where they "build a cheeseburger".
Every time the team makes a 3 point shot they throw a flag over the banister above the court, and it starts with a bun, then condiments, the burger, cheese etc. and if they make enough to build the entire burger, then you can take your ticket from the game into Wendy's and get a free cheeseburger.
They played really well the night we went, and we were really excited to go for family night the following Monday to get free cheeseburgers!
Only the store claimed they didn't have the results in from that game yet (it was two days later) and wouldn't honor the free burgers that night... but said we could try back later.
My Strong, Not so silent that night, Mysterious Man was so mad that one of the biggest sponsors would not hold up their end of the deal they advertised and made such a big deal of at that game. He swore we wouldn't eat at their restaurant again!
And we didn't... for years and years and years he wouldn't let us stop there if it was the last burger joint in town.
He finally broke his boycott and we finally got to eat a square burger again.
It is nice that he can stick to his guns on things he believes in... but I would have never ever held onto a grudge with a fast food company for so long. It reminds me of when we owned our diesel pick up and nobody could hear you if you left it running at the drive thru. He fought with more clown speakers during those years than I can even say!
I would never make a good protester either.
I think these are important things to know about your spouse.
How far one is willing to go to stand behind their values, and how much one might be willing to support them in their quest!
It is allot of give and take sometimes, but I would give up a square hamburger for a lifetime to spend eternity with my Strong Silent Mysterious Man!
Oh and just for the record, the teenager only snuck out for one square hamburger during the entire boycott, I am really proud of him for trying to support Dad too... but shhhh don't tell, that is not a widely known fact just yet, we figured it was on a "need to know" basis considering the circumstances.

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Lindsey said...

Josh holds grudges the exact same way. I hope I never make him to mad... he may boycott me, lol.

Good for Jim for following through for so long... that would make me mad too. And customers let restraunts get away with to much anymore... there is no more customer service.

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