Sunday, February 21, 2010

Eagle in flight...

We attended a Court of Honor tonight where Jacob received his Bronze Palm.
It is the next award after his Eagle and is earned when they finish 5 additional merit badges. I think there is bronze, silver and gold palms they can earn before they turn 18.

We are just so proud of him... he has loved the scouting program and it has been such a big tool in his development and self confidence as a young man.

There is allot of riffing going on around our house with the whole height issue between him and his Dad; but we are both just so happy to be part of this kids life.
We love him so much, and he brings great happiness and joy into our lives everyday!!


Donna Lynn said...

Did I mention I LOVE your blog. Thanks for helping me be a part of everything that is happening. It means so much!

I, too, am very proud of Jacob.

PaD said...

Is he really that much taller than his dad? I can't believe it.

We're off to Fred's in the morning. Love you all lots. Mom D

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