Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hit the slopes...

We did it!!!
One of my biggest dreams to get back on the slopes came true today!! It had been almost 20 years for both of us, since we last went skiing, but we both grew up skiing from a young age.
We survived, no broken bones, no injuries... we may not be able to walk tomorrow, but we did it!
(my lucky hat I wore since my ski career began in the 2nd grade... thanks for saving it for me Mom)
It was amazing!
Better than I remembered!!
And after the first run straight down the face (they wouldn't let me even check to make sure I remembered how to stop or turn on the bunny hill... just snapped on the skis and took me to the top) it was like riding a bike and mostly came back to me pretty quickly.

I don't think anything could wipe this smile off my face for a while :)



Megan said...

What a fun trip! I love that picture of you both--it should be framed :)

Kristi M. said...

Yeah! How exciting! I think you are right when it does come back once you get back in the skis/snowboard. I worry about that when I haven't been up snowboarding for a season or because of a baby but it always comes back and I tend to get better. You'll only get better and better from here on out.

Lindsey said...

Congrats... I also grew up skiing and haven't been back in years. I am too scared of how i would feel for the next week. Good for you for getting back on the slopes!

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you two. I am so happy to see that you are blogging again. I miss your news.

Love you! Emily S

Beth said...

Thanks for all the support and comments! I have been gone for so long... I thought I might have lost all my blogging friends! You guys are awesome!!

Donna Lynn said...

I am so excited that you did it and you look like a Pro.

McDowell Family said...

I too have missed your blog! Blogging can be overwhelming so I totally understand your break!

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