Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Adventures of Project Man and Flashlight Girl...

I found a blog a long time ago with the same name as the title of this post... it was hilarious and seemed to fit right into one of our most recent adventures. It was the inspiration that finally gave me the courage to release this post.
Anyone who knows my Strong Silent Mysterious Man knows how talented he is! Music, wood working, machine work, engines, painting, motors... talent coming out his ears. Really it's not even fair!
But if you know him like I do, you also know of the many unfinished projects around our house. The second guitar (the first one is beautiful... I give him credit for that one), the leaky sink, the fence post, the laundry room door knob, the baby crib... (yes I am still waiting and crossing my fingers, even though the teenager graduates this year... eternal optimist here).
He is just not a project kind of guy! I get that, I really do! So I try not to put too many demands onto projects around here, but being the control freak that I am... I cannot stand idley by and let one of the biggest projects of this century go through design, build and install without some input.
So I was self appointed "flash light girl"! It was easy shoes to fill, because the teenager flunked out of flashlight school a long long time ago!
So with all that said you can imagine the "garage shelf project" had to wait to be posted until enough time went by that I could look back and laugh!
It started with everything in my garage being thrown into a big pile in the center... this is where I entered. I got a picture, but it was too painful to even post, seriously! EEEKKKK!!!!
This is the job you are demoted to when you fail flashlight school!
The teenager almost made it to "level boy", but after one minor little goof up, Project Man quickly determined he wasn't ready for that either.
Project Man got a gift certificate to Home Depot for Christmas from his boss, so he was very eager to play with his new toys. And nobody should be thinking about getting their finger prints on them either, just for the record.... another lesson learned very quickly when working with Project Man.
Being the smart guy Project Man is....
He KNOWS you never start a project without your bff on speed dial!
Yes that was water! Everywhere!! Notice the wet sweatshirt on Project Man above.
It was a major neighborhood flood barely avoided!
But in the end... we have garage shelves!!
I am so proud of them.
And even though all of the junk finally got picked up off the garage floor, there won't be any after photos until I get my control freak self out there and get them organized how I want them.
And believe it or not... all of the workers survived to take on another garage project the very next weekend. "The Workbench"...

I am sarcastic and tease my Man about all of this, but he really did make life in the garage much better for everyone! After many hours of negotiation, everyone got a little piece of what they wanted. And we love that he is so talented and put his skills to good use and nobody was actually hurt in the process!


HeidiT said...

I'm incredible jealous! Luckily we have a side room in our garage that is able to house all of the crap so we can still park the cars -- but I've already warned Ren many times this winter that the first thing we (meaning he, because I am no good with tools) should work on when the weather is nice is shelves for the garage. Hmmm, feels like it's getting close but I am keeping my fingers crossed!
They look great!

Della said...

Oh, I am reading between the lines and there is ssssoooo much more to this story!!!! Can hardly wait!
Congratulations on project completion. Fantastic job!!!!!!
With much love, Nene

six Thompson said...

Beth, I loved reading this post so much - I laughed and cried and laughed some more. It was so funny and so well written. Your family is awesome and I love reading about what you are up to.

Love, Em

PaD said...

Beautiful job on the shelves. I'm glad you have them. They help tremendously. Dad has put extra shelves all over our garage plus in the laundry closet and the bedroom closets etc. Now I'm thinking we need to get rid of some of this stuff.

Good job you all. Mom D

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