Friday, January 8, 2010

Lost but not forgotten...

Well my Strong Silent Mysterious Man is still pretty much missing in action from home, working 7 days a week, crazy long hours everyday.

But he always brings home pictures to share before he goes to bed every night. It's kind of our family sharing time. On Family night we fed the missionaries and it worked out really good for us, that he made it home just before they left. Apparently they were waiting on some parts and he couldn't keep working into the night like normal that day.

So the missionaries got the full photo tour... they look really excited huh! Mostly he points and explains stuff about generators that I don't understand and would never be able to repeat... it's just cool to see where he works.

But then we get "wild kingdom"... the way he gets all excited showing the animals he see's up there, you would think he was working for National Geographic and just got back from a safari.

I love his enthusiasm!

This is really what is getting him through the long days.... he loves God's creatures!
An Eagle...

A fox...


More elk.
I love his heart!
I love that he gets excited and wants to share with us.
I feel bad that I complain about it being so hard on us.
When I know how exhausted he is every night when he comes home.
I miss him! Allot!!
I miss talking to him about stuff other than elk and eagles and fox.
I want to take him on a nice warm vacation somewhere when they finish this job.
I am afraid his idea of a vacation will be going back up in the snow, to find more animals, but just not having to work, he loves it up there!
I am content with the pictures for now.

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PaD said...

I love seeing this photo with his new smile. You are looking beautiful too. Jake is looking good too. It's nice and warm down here if you want to take a vacation this way. Mom D

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