Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas in January...

Not really, but for the teenager this was his ultimate gift this year...
Golf Shoes!
He picked them out and ordered them online... I am not a fan of ordering shoes online... I have weird feet. So I like to try everything on first. Comfort is EVERYTHING in my old age.
But this company has a really freindly return policy, and they had "THE SHOES"... so in the teenager world that meant EVERYTHING to me (yes, he is really picky... or selective shall we say in his taste in EVERYTHING).

The puppies liked the new smell... I don't know if that is a good sign or not?

But most of all he loves them and they fit and are super comfy.. and they swing right!

Whatever that means :)


Megan said...

Good looking shoes!!!

six Thompson said...

I love the shoes! I love your post about about them to. You can tell from your words that you love your son so much and that you are worried the dogs might be chewing on the shoes tomorrow.
Love, Emily S

Beth said...

You read my mind... I am such a worrier.
They normally just stick to chewing up their own toys; but it would just be my luck these shoes would be the one thing they decided to break out and be BAD DOGS on. I would just die a thousand deaths!
But so far so good!
Until the "strong silent mysterious man" came home and asked are they leather or plastic? Ugggggg!!! (they are for sure leather, but the teenager has asked me every 3 minutes if I thought they looked cheap?) UGGGGGG!!!! Boys!!!!

Anonymous said...

Give Jim 5 stars on knowing how to jerk the chain. You know he is behind the door laughing. Ditto on the good looking shoes!!!! Nene

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