Friday, December 11, 2009

To blog or not to blog... UPDATED!!

UPDATED 12/12/2009!!!
I was trying really hard NOT to blog about this... but it is just part of my week I am not able to deny any longer. Because it's still not fixed!
The bathroom, 2 empty bottles of Drano, the shop vac, a plunger, rubber gloves, and a plumbers snake... any guesses?
Yep, we have plugged up sinks in our mater bathroom... luckily the other bathroom is working just fine and this toilet is fine too... great blessings.
Each day my strong silent mysterious man comes home late from working this crazy special project, to try another trick to clear the pipes. We have NO IDEA what is so tough that 4 days worth of snaking, Drano, and every other plumbing gadget you can imagine, hasn't budged it.
So today my job was to boil water and keep the water in the drain hot all day long... we are thinking it might be frozen water in the pipes.
To no avail!

So since the teenager needed to do somethings to try and get back on his Dad's good side... I talked him into going down inside the dark creepy hole in my closet under the house and together with ALL OF OUR PLUMBING KNOWLEDGE combined, we tried to figure out which pipe it was. Me on top and him underneath (yes that was comical). Even more comical than us trying to communicate about something neither of us know anything, was just the mere effort of stuffing his 6 foot 3 body down in this tiny hole. We have very little clearance under our crawlspace; which secretly makes me very happy, because I have a phobia of someone living down there and peaking up at me through the heating vents.
Finally it dawned on me to have him take a picture and hand it up to me... I still couldn't tell which pipe... none of them look the same underneath as they do on top. So I fed him down the hair dryer on an extension cord and had him blow on all of them in the central area to try and thaw it out.
Still to no avail!
On his way back up out of the hole, I thought I would help and began to pull the extension cord up out of the hole ahead of him. I then hear a loud crack, thump (very similar to what I would think a forehead hitting a beam would sound like), and he screams really loud in severe pain (the hairdryer had touched his foot and he thought something HAD him). Funny, but no laughing about it until the lump on his head goes down please.
So we still didn't get it fixed, but it wasn't for lack of trying.
I imagine in my head on Monday I am going out of town, and the weather is supposed to warm up... so I bet while nobody is home the frozen pipe will thaw revealing a crack that will leak and flood out my bathroom... because that will be the most difficult for me to fix over the phone, and the most fun to come home to. Uggggg!
***12/12/2009 UPDATE***
It cleared!!
Friday morning before I went to work, I kept pouring hot water down the sink, then sucking it out with the shop vac, and then dumping the shop vac into a bucket, hauling the bucket into the other bathroom and dumping (this was my workout for the beginning of the week) and repeating over and over and over again.
Still stuck.
After I dried my own hair, I got a bright idea to take the sink apart and blow hot air INSIDE the pipe... I tried that for another 30 min.
Still stuck when I left for work.
When I got home I started the process all over again... determination is my middle name! And it was already clear!
(it must have been frozen water stuck inside the pipe... so weird).
I am SOOOOOO happy that is over!!
Maybe now the Christmas spirit can enter.


Megan said...

Oh my goodness, this story I can tell is annoying for you but I'm laughing at the details of you and Jacob trying to figure it out. Can't wait to hear what the problem is!

Beth said...

I know Jim would rather I not be so adventurous in trying to help him out and fix things. But it's just my nature!

Jacob is just an innocent bystander and a really good sport about everything!

As of today... water is still not moving!

McDowell Family said...

I have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard!!! So funny but not at the same time. At least you have a 2nd bathroom!! Good luck. Let me know when you will be back and we can start on Tamales. Do you have a crock pot?

Heidi said...

I think plumbing problems are the worst! Way to go with all of the effort put into solving the problem. Hopefully it will work out soon with no flooding!

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