Sunday, December 6, 2009

Future Missionary...

The teenager was carrying a backpack for me today home from church and someone told me he looks like a missionary already.
I mentioned it to him, and I think it went to his head. He was posing for some silly missionary pictures.

I am pretty sure it's kind of like being a football player and you can't fake it!!! It takes more than a back pack, a tie and a cute smile!
It is really awesome that he has has older cousins who have served missions and led such a good example for him that he see's it as one of the "coolest things" he has to look forward to right now! (We are so excited for you Jack... can't wait to make a guess and find out where you are going!!! He realized the other day that he will be gone on his before you get back from yours... that feels so crazy!!!)
But please let Mom get through graduation from high school first, will ya kiddo?


Kristi M. said...

The first picture is pretty funny!

Beth said...

He was being sooo silly. Cracks me up and I really don't know where he gets it, Jim and I are not like that at all!!!

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