Friday, October 2, 2009

Hard to blog...

I am having a hard time blogging this week... but lots going on behind the scenes.
Jacob got asked to Homecoming (I know, it should go the other way... I tried to encourage him to be an upstanding guy and ask one of these adorable girls that look forward to these things so much... but he is putting everything away for his mission, who can blame him there, and what is a Mom to say to that?).
So now that he is going... slowly he is letting me inside his life a little to help him out. Boys shouldn't be on their own to pick out a pink tie. When he said "pink is pink"... I knew he need an intervention.
Wednesday night we had our Stake Standards night with about 250 youth... it turned out amazing, and soooo fun! But lots of work, and I felt like I had been run over by a train on Thursday.
I am so happy it's Friday... and really excited to watch General Conference this weekend! It's been a very emotionally draining week and I am so ready for the spiritual feasting!

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Panda said...

I know exactly how blogging can get behind when you have so much going on. I fall into that rut also. But the family always tries to pull me back in and I know that they enjoy when I blog so that they can see what has been going on. So even though I totally understand.... I just want you to know that we really love it when you blog so we can keep up to the happenings with you and the family *smile*
Big sis Panda

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