Friday, October 9, 2009

Date Night - Murder Mystery at Sea..

Jim and I were selected to embark on a Phantom of the Seas Murder Mystery Dinner Cruise through the Bermuda Triangle tonight with some friends and much to my surprise he agreed to participate!
I think he just didn't know what he was getting himself into! But he not only participated... he got into character and dressed the part too!
Of course we had to raid the teenagers closet!

Meet Zachary the singer who has trouble paying attention, and Tiana the aspiring actress...

Something has to go down in the records books!
I was so proud of him and we had so much fun!
Next meet our gracious hosts... The Moore's.
The rich hoity toity millionaires.

And there's always a flousy in the crowd, the Moore's spoiled rotten daughter Marilyn... with her latest pursuit Bryce..
The Treasure Hunters.. Hans and Demitra Franec...

And the zany fortune teller Zelda, and Fred the Playboy...

We laughed, and laughed, some more...

The murderess... was Zelda.
My strong silent mysterious man said he knew it all along... when he asked her who invited her... she said she got her invitation in a cauldron... he knew if she wasn't invited, she was the murderer.
And we learned more about other couples than we may have wanted to... "TMI" "TMI"!! But we had great fun...

If your children are asking you what hand signals mean, you might be talking with your hands too much.... ha ha
It was such a fun date night...
A good time was had by all!!!


McDowell Family said...

It was a blast! That's okay that you called me Zelda, I'll forgive you! Tell Jim thanks for helping with the car!! Thanks

Sorenson family trio said...

Looks like fun. What a great idea!!!!

Melody said...

Sounds like it was a ton of fun! Good for you guys! :)

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