Friday, September 25, 2009

Girls Weekend Begins...

My Mom and Sis arrived from Seattle! It is our annual girls slumber party sleepover for the St. Lukes Women's Fitness Celebration.
I thought since I hadn't slept very well all week, because I was so excited for them to get here... I would sleep like a log the 1st night... but here I am 2:45am wide awake! Good thing I have something productive to do, like blogging.

We went from the airport to eat some brunch at Cracker Barrel(they were up really early and missed breakfast, but it was still too early for lunch) .

Then we went to the women's show and Lynn, well she is a "hat girl"... she just can't pass by a cute hat without trying it on!

This sursee was for me... "trick or treat". I love it, so cute!!!!

Thanks Mom!!!

We had shrimp boil for dinner and engaging conversation about arrow heads and hunting.

Sheesh! and I get all the gruff for talking with my hands... LOL, you are so busted honey!

And I got an early birthday present, Wii Active! Yeah!!! I am so excited!!! Thanks Lynn!!!

So we got a good work out learning how to play with it.

Fun day... I hope I can get to sleep soon, for more festivities tomorrow!


Panda said...

Thank you for sharing Beth!
I wish I was there with all of you.
I know you are having a ton of fun but please keep blogging so I can feel like I have joined in *smile*
I love the fall colors you have as a background for your blog this morning.

Brit said...

Looks like you are having fun girl time too! It is the best! I remember the first time I met you (at least the first time I remember) and you and Uncle Jim brought us all a "sursee." I still think about that word sometimes and always think of you. Love you!

Kristi M. said...

I love moms and sisters. What a fun, exciting time. You have got to try the recipe that I had posted. I knew what paninis were so I was good there, but the sauce still has me stumped but it is thet BEST! We had these two nights in a row with the extra eggplant. If you need tomatoes or zucchini for the sandwich just let me know. We have lots around still. Try it, trust me, you will like it.

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