Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Fish Story...

My Strong Silent Mysterious Man took the 11 year old scouts and their Dad's on an overnight camp out this past weekend, to a fishing hole he came across while doing some work for one of his clients.
The man was very nice to let them come to his private place... they had a great time and brought home some great "fish stories". Except this time he brought pictures to go along with the stories too!
The first night, some of the scouts put their poles in the water but apparently they were having so much fun playing and being squirly... and not watching their poles very well... when this one hit a pole near Jim and he grabbed it before the pole was pulled into the water...
I think after that, it got their attention, and all poles were in the water!
(sometimes the proof is in the puddin' when your 11 years old)

I loved this series of pictures... the first night's catch, Dad is holding the fish for the photo op! (you can tell by the look on his face, they were trying to convince him to hold onto it himself... to no avail)

By the next morning, he was almost a pro and would let the fish "touch" him... but only barely! (I didn't even know fish had lips?)

Then by that afternoon... he had both hands on his fish!!

This scout was sooo excited at this point... the rest of the troop checked out around noon on Saturday, and we heard from his Dad, he couldn't get him out of there until it got dark on Saturday night!

So exciting he got the "fishing fever"... and it sounds like a good time was had by all!


Rachel Ann said...

This made my day. Thank you once again for sharing a piece of home with me. :)

PaD said...

Great photo's. I love the fishing story with the cub scouts.

My mom loved to fish and we were on the creek bank when Fay was probably a 4 months old. We were there all the time actually. Brings back good memories of mom and dad.

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