Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Over the top Excitement!!!

After a long week of wondering why we didn't get an email from Elder Dayley.  And lots and lots of speculation.
And many more conversations telling ourselves, or rather telling MYSELF (let it be known, the strong silent mysterious man always had the faith) that all was well.

I went to work this Monday still waiting for an email.  
So anxious that the battery on my phone had gone from 100% to 38% by Noon.

So at 1pm I leave work, go to the hospital to drop off some pathology for the Doctor and I am inside the hospital when I get this email from the Missionary....

"Are you near a computer with skype"

With all the gump inside me, I hold back a scream!!  Then send a reply... " I WILL BE IN 2 minutes!!!"

I Clutch my phone with one hand and grab the lanyard around my neck with the other to keep it from smacking me in the face and I took off in a FULL SPRINT out of the hospital (apparently it's the one building you can run while wearing scrubs and people get OUT of your way).

I get into the car, and call My Strong Silent Mysterious Man... he is getting ready to leave for a job site, and we have this discussion.

Me:  Jacob just emailed asking if we were near skype.
SSMM:  Are you near  skype?
Me: No, but I am almost there, are you coming?
SSMM:  No, he probably just wants to test for the skype call this weekend.
Me:  It's Monday why would he be doing that so early? I bet something is wrong!
SSMM:  Well go find out what is going on, Im sure it's just about Mothers Day call.
Me:  You should come anyway!
SSMM:  I am working, you can handle this!!

By this time I am at the house.   Rush inside, throw the dogs outside so they don't get in my way.   And sign into skype.  I see Jacob signed on, but I wait for him to call me.

Video call comes in!!!  My heart is beating out of my chest!! 

Elder Dayley:  "Hola!"  

He tells me what time he will be calling on Saturday, we figure out what time that will be in Idaho. 

Then Dad walks through the front door!!

We had a great one minute video chat with him, my heart is still pounding!!!!

He looks exactly the same as the day he left... which means he has put back on all the weight he lost.  Yay!!  And he sounded soooo good.

He did show us a "fungus" he has on his arm, but he is sending the President's wife a photo today so she can confirm it is a common fungus they are getting there, and let him know what kind of medication to be putting on it!!  
"He said I got this in my first area, but just thought I got burned or something".
So hopefully it is very treatable.  Pray, pray, pray!!!

Quite an adrenaline rush, but what a great Monday, after a really long week without a letter from the Missionary, totally makes up for all that worry!!!

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