Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Now I gotta get a farmers tan!

This is a big event at my house!!!
The Strong Silent Mysterious Man finished the raised bed.
With lots of help from the BFF!!
That's why we call him the BFF.
(That and these two spend more time 
talking on the phone than most girls)

I tried to wait until Mothers day, but I had time off of work this week, so I got a few plants in.


And a couple different kinds of tomatoes.
And I added the burl wood... it's a work in progress, but this was a place to start.

I found some mulch in Black... I almost got kind of excited about mulch!  It just fit me so much better than brown or red.
I'm thinking the front boards should be adorned with some wood burning art....
Feeling a Northwest - y theme!

Thanks Honey for my raised garden bed!!
I love it!!  Next year I'll need two more pleeeese :)


PaD said...

Wow!! that is great. You're going to have a garden. I'm happy for you. I love my garden. It was so good to talk to you

Anonymous said...


So happy you have yourself a little garden to grow. Your husband is a good worker. So happy to hear you got to see and talk with Jacob. I am sure this Mother's Day will be the best day ever for you. I miss you so much and hope you are doing well.

Love, Emily S.

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