Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Christmas Box...

NO way we could wait until Christmas Eve!
We opened the box, we laughed and we cried, there were so many neat things from where he lives now.  But there were also hundreds of bus tickets and taxi receipts and a magazine in Spanish with he and his companion in it about Mormons.  He kept EVERYTHING... like his Mom, and we have a trunk to put it all in and we CAN'T wait to go through it all with him when he gets home.  We know there are stories to every single everything!
I personally can't wait to hear the story of how he got the Paraguay Police hats, they have the original owners names inside them.... how do you go about getting a police officers hat off his head?? Hmmm should be some great stories, CANT WAIT!!!!

hand woven back packs and bags, I LOVE THEM, I hope one is for me!!
this custom leather work is amazing
hand whittled and painted animals, adorable
the marble that we have a photo of the kid that gave it to him... must be super special!!
hand leather coasters and beaded bracelets so beautiful
polished stones hand woven into necklaces, Jim thinks these are more masculine for him
operation smile, what a neat memory
hand carved and painted flutes, yes they work!
hand woven bags, wouldn't I look so cute sporting this as my new church bag?
It was so neat to touch and smell things that had just been in his hands.  We could not believe how much stuff he got into a box that small.  Beautiful artisan work, great keepsakes, we are not sure if any of it was for us (probably not) but it was the best Christmas Box EVER!!!

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