Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bountiful Basket...

I do still love getting a Bountiful Basket from the Coop now and again... it helps to have fruits and veggies in abundance in the house to keep me on track eating more healthy.

But once in a while there are things I have to google before I cut into them...
Last week I found these... persimons.
I can remember my dad talking about persimons, I am not sure if I ever heard anyone talk about them except him.  So it felt a little special, like a secret hello from heaven from my Dad.

For the record, I learned this week that I don't like persimons.
What is that weird residue they leave in your mouth?????
I started my google search on this one in the squash categories, but when I moved to fruits quickly found it... I knew that, it's a papaya!!
I wasn't stumped for very long.  
I did not love fresh papaya, but I dehydrated it and I LOVE it that way.  Why does it taste different dehydrated????

I have never been impressed with a watermelon the size of my two fists... because I can eat a whole regular watermelon pretty much in one day.  So the tiny ones just seemed like a tease. 
But I have to say, last night I wanted something sweet and I cut the mini watermelon in half and ate out one side with a spoon and half was just the ticket, I was really impressed!!!
I never gave these little guys the credit they deserved.
I can't wait to eat the other half today.

 I am super excited to try the multi colored carrots, those will be a first too.
My strong silent mysterious man is waiting patiently for his broccoli cheddar soup I make that he loves so much!!

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