Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pennies from Heaven...

Mom Shared an email with me of a Penny Story and I just loved the message!
I was going to post a copy of it here, and went I went to find it, I had deleted it from my email.  So I went searching the internet for "the penny story".  There were more than one version of this story, and I have been reading and crying and having my heart all swelled up from the many stories and accounts written about pennies.  So I won't post it hoping I have to go searching again and have to read more really neat heart warming stories over again to find the one I remembered.

The common message is of Hope, and of Love....  

For the past week since I read that lovely email, I have been finding pennies.... 
in places expected, 
then places unexpected, 
and then there were just so many, 
it was not a coincidence.  

I have felt my heart filled at times when it felt very lonely.  I have felt Gods' love for me and his message to trust in Him.  I am trying, but it is taking all my faith at times to do just that, trust in God.
He is good, He is loving and He knows me and loves me.
So I believe.  And I know I can trust in Him to take care of my Son, as I show my love and gratitude towards His.
It's hard, it's the most pain and the most joy I have felt in the same moment.

In the laundry and laying around the house... may seem kind of expected.
But we never have cash anymore, we use our debit card always.
I never have even a dollar in cash on me, much less a penny.
So how are they falling out in my washer and dryer EVERY week?
Then to just find one randomly laying in the floor, in a location that is traveled hourly in our house and not seeing it one time, but then finding it the next, not even a coincidence anymore.
Then we were doing some repairs to our couch, and there was another.  Yes, kind of expected to find change under a couch cushion.  And maybe even fallen inside a couch, maybe even though the seems on top are all sewn shut and we had to dismantle it to get to the frame.
But after flipping the couch a couple of times right side up, then up side down a few times to assess the situation, then a few days later come back and flip it again to fix it and there was another penny laying on top, not fallen behind or wedged in, but right on top where we had been working on the bottom side of the couch... I had to grab it and push it to make sure someone hadn't glued to to the board... weird.  
But I get it!!!

I always gave my Dad a really bad time for forwarding jokes and stories via email, I thought they were a waste of time.  But if I had not read the story of the penny my Mom sent, I may not be noticing all these pennies showing up in my life right now.
Pennies from Heaven.

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