Thursday, December 20, 2012

Naughty or Nice list?

Most of the time, our dogs are mature, and loving and so freely give unconditionally to us, and mostly obedient.

But Taylor still has a few wild hairs and so if we had to put her through the Santa test whether she falls on the naughty or nice list for the whole year.... well she is still under review.  And let me just say the week before Christmas is no time to be waivering!

This past week has been especially hard for her, she has been getting into the kitchen sink and pulling out dirty dishes again.
I know it's probably the bad mother she has that I don't always get the dishes done every night, and I know they should be done by the time I go to work the next day.  But some days I just don't get it done.

She seems to be very careful, I would imagine to find a pile of broken dishes under the sink on the floor.  But NO, she brings them all the way out to the living room, plates, bowls, tupperware, and YES that is a huge butcher knife!!!
How does she not kill her self???
We ask that more than I would like to admit.

One day she had been particularly naughty and we left and decided to come back home quickly and caught her in the act... she had been in the pantry (again probably my fault I left the door open) and found the big Costco size bag of treats that Nene had bought for her when she was here in November.
She knew she was caught, red pawed!  She didn't move an inch and knew it was TROUBLE!!
I went and got my camera and she still didn't move.  Good thing we came back, there was a ton of treats still left in this bag.
I guess if only good dogs get treats, then they last a pretty long time at our house.

We feed her plenty, 
she is not bored, 
it is totally a behavioral problem!!  
And yes, we know it's her... the theory has been tested, she has been found guilty, guilty, guilty.  With food on her nose and chocolate on her breath, she is 100% guilty!!

If it were my child I probably would not air our problems out loud.  I don't have photos of all the trouble she finds herself in... because I don't think to take pictures in those moments.  They are often heated and I am extremely volatile.
But let's just assume there would be a ton.

I do worry about her safety. 
I worry that she knows it was bad and does it anyway.
That in itself makes it really hard to move from the naughty to the nice list.

My poor puppy, it might be a very difficult Christmas for her this year.  It will be a real test of Santa's compassion and true Christlike love.
6 days, hmmm we will see.

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