Sunday, April 1, 2012

Letters from Paraguay...

Last weekend we got a letter from Elder Dayley...
 I love the unique stamps...
So yeah I make my strong silent mysterious man open them carefully so we can save them.

It takes so long for mail to get back and forth, I am so grateful for our weekly emails!  I would not survive without it.

There was guarani money inside and we found out in his email, it was supposed to pay for the postage, but they forgot to take it out before they mailed it.
Its such old money, and made from almost a fabric, it was so worn and soft.   We got a half of a page, and there were more letters inside the envelope for us to mail from here for him to family and a few friends... no I am not jealous that "the girls" got several pages and mine was only have full... no not at all :)

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