Sunday, April 1, 2012

General Conference Weekend...

It was a great conference weekend...
for the Saturday afternoon session we were blessed to have some extra missionaries!
They were really piled in our little house, but we felt so blessed to have them with us.

When the MTC Choir sang, they were making coments like "My Momma is probably at home crying right now" and then looked over and I was wiping the tears, yep my heart is so full!!
I LOVE conference weekend.
When they spotted David Archuleta in the MTC Choir, they all thought that was really cool!

Isn't their enthusiasm infectious?
It still makes me cry.

1 comment:

Donna Lynn said...

Where is Morgan and Taylor? As much as those dogs love to pig pile and as much as they miss Jacob, I can't believe they are not laying on top of those missionaries.

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