Sunday, January 22, 2012

Half way there!

Tomorrow will be two weeks since my new pacemaker implant, so I am halfway through some of the restrictions.
No driving,
No lifting heavier than a gallon of milk, 
No raising your right arm above your head.

I am feeling good, the bandages are off. 
I was surprised at how emotional I was when I took them off... I look a little bit like a pieced together quilt, but because my Strong Silent Mysterious Man hasn't treated me like an old quilt it helps :)
He has been AWESOME!!

So this is some of what life looks like right now...

Well this was before Mom went home.
She drove me around.  One day we took the Z car... it's a 5 speed manual transmission.  Jim asked if she could drive it??  I knew she could!  And she did great!  But when it was over and we were safe at home, I asked her if it was like riding a bike and it came right back to her, she said it took her back to her "tractor driving" days.  
That would have been as a teenager, and I had NO idea it had been that long, or I might not have even suggested we take that car out.
But now we all know, Mom won't be stuck somewhere if she has to drive a stick to get home :)

After she left, Jim has been my chauffeur, to the store, to church, home from work.  And he has been great and very willing to take me just about anywhere, I have tried not to abuse the privilege and didn't make him take me coupon shopping (so anyone going that way, call me).

But one of the drawbacks, is that I don't get to make any other decisions in the car, like which route we take or how many stops in between etc.  
The other night, I was trying to get to a meeting and he saw a kid halfway through an intersection, but stalled and having car trouble  and asked if he could pull over and help him.

I just left it up to him, I would be late for my meeting if he felt really impressed that he needed to offer his help.
I have learned you should never ignore those feelings... that is how the Lord uses us to help each other sometimes.

As it turns out the kid was about Jacob's age so that tugged on his heart strings a little.  And it looked like he needed gas, and was on the way to get money from a parent to help him get it, but couldn't quite make it that far.

So we went and got some gas and came back, but that didn't work. So we offered to give him a ride.  When they walked back to our car, there was the young man, and a girl his age carrying a car seat with a little baby!!

It was the night before our snow, so it was really cold out.
They were so grateful that we stopped to help them out.
I have thought about them everyday since and hope they are figuring out how to make ends meet.
It ended up being a little more than a tug on the heart strings as it turns out.  And we definitely felt Heavenly Fathers hand in the experience.

My morning commute is with this sweetie.  
I didn't know how much I really missed the school morning drop off's with Jacob!!  It's been such a blessing to have a ride and especially with such great company!!

Thank you Em- and Susan, you guys are such angels!!
It's really really appreciated!

Just two more weeks and I will get my release to drive again.
It probably won't have nearly as many adventures, but it will be nice to have my independence back!!

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