Friday, August 26, 2011

Use your time wisely...

Of all the crazy things to spend our time doing... when we still have a whole big ol' list of things to do before the missionary leaves; he makes me stop and make ID tags for the puppies.

We had talked about it before we left town for Seattle a few weeks ago.  In case they got out of the yard with the puppy sitter or something, maybe someone would call us when they came begging for food at their door, or dug up their flowers, or chased their cat, but we just never got around to it.
The teenager was insistant that they each have one, we had changed our phone numbers since their last tags and that number is now a tax service office, and they have no idea who we are and could probably care less about our lost dogs.

The selection process was totally up to the teenager.  His only disappointment was that they were all out of Tangled for Morgan.

So she got the pink girlie heart.  She is kind of a girlie girl.
I think it was part torturous... doesn't Jacob have a glint in his smile?

You can guess that Taylor got Lightning McQueen (I keep calling it Steve Lightning McQueen... but the teenager doesn't know who that is? and thinks I am losing my mind... huge generation gap thing).  I also thought it would be funny to give Rudy the Lightning McQueen tag... irony you know?  But Jacob says it has to be Taylor.
They all hated them the first few days, because the jangle on their collars and make a tinking noise that I think hurts their ears.  But they have all either learned to walk/run without making them tink (yes, Taylor can hold her head just right and be stealth when she runs... smart dog), or have just gotten used to it.
Yes, I am pretty sure he did it to torture them, Rudy's is about as big as he is, and the tinking, well it wasn't planned ahead, but just a torture bonus effect.
He is going to miss, messing with these puppies when he is gone. 
His pooooooor companions, they have no idea.
Now, back to that list!!

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