Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Who's been in the Cookie Jar?

When I was at girls camp, our sweet neighbor lady came by during the day to let the dogs outside and give them a potty break.  And on the last day she left a note that she came in and had found the "dog treat" jar broken on the floor.  Hmmmm?

We had our suspicions, Taylor does have a history of getting into things, or rather helping herself to things.  And she is the "treat queen".
But most of the time, we just can't really prove who does what? 
However, it was a big heavy ceramic treat container with a steel clamp on it... and when a big ol' egg began to protrude right between Taylors eyes.  We knew, she was the culprit!
(Unless Morgan was going after it and dumped it on Taylor as she stood innocently by?)
We have felt like Taylors ultimate demise will be getting into something she isn't supposed to, but never thought about it happening this way.  I wish I had a video of her plotting to break into the treat container and it falling and breaking over her own head.  CrAzY DoG!!

She acts like "the baby" anyway, but now with a head injury she is really vein about her skinned up nose and she is really playing up "the baby".  With her Dad anyway.
Don't you just feel sorry for her looking in her pitiful eyes?
"Poor Baby" with the skinned up nose...

Don't you think she deserves a bowl of her own ice cream?

I have to say, she didn't just come this way... she learned all the looks and the upside down beg, and the droopy puppy eyes from one of the best.
(huh Morgan?)
Ironically as I wrote this post... we had just finished eating dinner and I watched from the living room as Morgan stood on her hind legs in the kitchen hunting down the last piece of garlic toast left on the cutting board.  While I was home!!!  WATCHING HER!!!
She actually looked over at me like she wasn't going to get into trouble!!!
Wrong.  Bad Dog.
Maybe the theory about Taylor being an innocent bystander wasn't too far off... we were just sure with the goose egg it was her.  Now I have no idea which one is the real bad dog?
Gotta go... dogs to beat up!

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Donna Lynn said...

My bet is Rudy. I think Rudy told Taylor that Morgan was going to get the treats and that Rudy told Morgan that he didn't think Morgan could do it and get Taylor blamed for it. LOVE IT!

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