Friday, July 1, 2011

The Last Supper/Birthday...

I am not trying to be all sad and depressing with the title of this post.  As a matter of fact, I didn't even cry on my baby's 19th birthday!  Not one time, 
  1. not when he woke up and "smelled" the birthday cake I made, 
  2. not when he tried to snub me while I was trying to get a photo of him leaving for work, 
  3. not when I couldn't reach him all day long (because my strong silent mysterious man's phone is retarded and he never gets my calls), 
  4. not when I found out they left the birthday cake in the truck and never ate any of it, 
  5. not when he was so humble the whole time and never really wanted or lusted after anything for his birthday, 
  6. and not when we offered to invite people to go to dinner with him and he only wanted to be with his Mom and Dad, 
  7. and not during the thousand bazillion times I thought about him on his special day and how blessed we are to be entrusted with such an awesome amazing son, 
  8. and not even that night when my strong silent mysterious man talked about the day he was born across the pillow, and the reminiscing about some of the great memories we have of him growing up and we layed there beaming (there was certainly glow shining under the door that night from our bedroom) about what a really good guy he is now, and wondering where he will go and what he will do in his life. 

Nope, not one tear!

It is "just the facts" kind of title... because it really could be the last birthday we have with him at home, or if he comes back to the nest, we are just pretty sure it will never be the same from here.  So not being weird or morbid, or sad thinking about how LOOOOONNNNNNGGGGGG two years could be.  So just celebrating the moment.

Feeling the pain of being up at 3am about 11am, I managed to get through work only tempted to doze a couple of times while on hold on the phone... but I restrained and tried to never blink too long.
Got off of work and did a little shopping for the birthday boy.  It was the very hardest shopping I have ever done.  He didn't want anything (what?? usually I have a big ol' list and don't know how to break it to him, he won't be getting any of it).
Then drove out to get my hair cut.
 This is one of my favorite views in Idaho... I have always loved coming up over the hill and seeing this.  And it always looks a little different, green or snowy covered mountains... depending on the season.  I am always rushing to make it somewhere on time, and never stop to get a proper photo, but this time I had my camera ready in the seat next to me and snapped and snapped just holding the camera by the window hoping to get a good shot.  I promise I wasn't looking through the lens... all eyes on the road!  I promise!
I wish you could really see it, the Snake River runs right through the middle, it's so beautiful.   Isn't it beautiful? 
 Speaking of beautiful... I think I have mentioned not to take anymore photos with Katie.  I keep forgetting.  I can't not get this photo with her, no matter how homely I look next to her, ha ha ha.
But I do love my hair!  Thanks Katie.
I ran into my friend and fellow blogger there, and totally spaced getting a picture with her... I only do "after pics" Lindsey.  But my appt. is right after yours next time (total accident, I promise I am not stalking you), so remind me, K?  

So back to the birthday boy...
This is what happened to him at work.
They love him at work. Yes this is how they show their love.  Duct taped to a chair and draw on his face.
If they didn't love him, I wouldn't have been able to put the words on my blog.  I know, boys huh?
But he loves them just as much... you can tell by the smile on his face.  Boys have a crazy way of showing their love.

 I was really happy when the sweatshirt I ordered made it in the mail on time... but the arms are too short.  So Dad is taking this one, and I will be sure he has one that fits (well fits the arms, the middle will be all baggie and huge on him).
 Journals and an external hard drive to back up photos on. Assuming he might be in areas from time to time with electricity.
 And mini speakers to listen to "approved" church music.  No headphones are allowed, but if they plug it in so everyone can hear... the missionaries can take some music with them.
Jacob has learned to love "Motab" as they call it.... also known as the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (I can hear my mother gasping at the nickname now)... just smile and nod Mom :)
 And then his birthday dinner out...
 If you could eat anywhere you wanted for your special day... really????  Buffalo Wild Wings??? 
Okay whatever, he loves them.  I half way think he was just being humble and not making us spend allot of money, because he already had picked out Tucano's Brazilian Grill at some point earlier in the birthday talk.  It was all good.  Whatever he wants, it's HIS last supper.
Then special birthday visitors with treats and homemade cards (the best!! except for the strong "Duck" influence... are you really supposed to send subliminally inserted football team fanatics into birthday wishes?  jk he LOVED the drive by!!)  Thanks for helping to make it a special birthday for him by remembering him so fondly.

We had a really great day, I hope the teenager felt super special and loved on his birthday and it leaves him with lasting memories.  

I just had a thought that he will still have birthdays for the next two years and even though I am not there, he will still be creating life long "memories" on his birthdays.  They just won't include me.
Interesting thought I might have to entertain at a later time since I am NOT crying today.


Della said...

"MOTAB"?????? You have GOT to be kidding me!!!!! Thanks for sharing his special day with us. You may have had a no tears day but I certainly made up for your beautiful dry control.

Lindsey said...

Well Beth, glad you are not crying cuz I certainly am :) YOu are such an amazing mom and I hope I can be as positve about my children leaving the nest as you are, after all, that is what we are raising them to do I suppose. Too funny about are hair appointments... I will see you then :)

Donna Lynn said...

This is going to be hard and it is not even my nest. But he is going to have soooo much fun and have so many exciting adventures. Love you all.

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