Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy 19th Birthday!

Yes.. it's A.M.!!
 I woke up this morning at 3am and could not go back to sleep... still trying to think of what to do for the teenagers birthday?  I really just want him to feel special all day long!  I blame this and no sleep on my mother... but in a good way, she has such a knack of making me feel so special on my birthday.  Growing up I don't remember much about gifts, or cakes or decorations or candles... but I LOVED my birthday, and it was one day I felt beautiful and loved and special!
I just want that for Jacob, I love him so much... I want him to have that legacy to carry with him forward in his life.
So what to do... what to do?
 Well I'm up... might as well make a CAKE!!
 And dig out the Happy Birthday sign... I know it's around here somewhere.   (The house is a mess, I will do that at lunch break today).
 Chocolate Cake... his favorite.
So he woke up and as I was singing him the happy birthday song, he says "I smell cake"!   Ha, ha, ha. 
I wrapped it up and sent it with his Dad, to share it a work today.  My strong silent mysterious man laughed that I put sprinkles on it??  (are sprinkles girly??)  And then he didn't want to take the trouble to pack it out to work???  what???  I was up at 3am making it... so I  insisted, and the cake was loaded up and off to work!
I have no idea how the rest of the day will unfold... but it was a good start (well minus the grouchy, cake criticizing, old guy who doesn't have a clue about the "special birthday spirit", even though he really likes to celebrate his own.  Jeez he is exhausting sometimes).  It could be my last birthday with the teenager at home and I am determined for him to feel special and loved... if I have to make him and drag him kicking and screaming through every minute of it!  Ha ha ha.

H Y   B H Y

I love you so much, and I love who you have become.  Here are 19 of the BIG list of things I LOVE about you...
  1. You have always been very special.  
  2. I love your sense of humor and listening to you laugh.
  3. I love your compassionate heart. 
  4. You make friends easily, and everyone loves you.
  5. You know who you are and are confident in yourself.
  6. You are never afraid to speak in public.
  7. You like to be crazy sometimes and have fun, but mostly come off calm, cool and collected.  I can't wait to see all the directions you could grow when you leave the nest.
  8. Your love of golf and drive to always improve inspires me.
  9. You are always willing to pitch in, and work harder than anyone if you have help;  but don't necessarily like working by yourself.
  10. You have always wanted a brother or a sister, and I am so excited for you to have a brotherhood in your companions on your mission and pray they will be lifelong friends for you, like a brother.
  11. You are cheerful and have a happy disposition and have survived "hard things" in your life.  Knowing how to overcome opposition will serve you well in your future.
  12. You sleep like a tornado.
  13. You are very talented and learn new things quickly and easily.
  14. Music is important to you, and moves and inspires you.
  15. You  can be highly motivated, even when others around you are not.
  16. You welcome new things, and are not afraid to try something different.
  17. You LOVE kids, and have a genuine respect for your elders.
  18. Your witty, but have learned to be tactful with it.
  19. You have a beautiful testimony of the Gospel, and I LOVE hearing you share it publicly.


Della said...

Amazing......I was awake at 3am trying to think of a way to make Jacob know how much we want his special day to be a Happy Birthday! Your blog has made my day. I feel like I was there licking the chocolate bowl and it is I who feel special.

Beth said...

Mom you are amazing and I am so grateful for all you have taught me!!

You forgot to mention that after making the chocolate cake at 3am, it would NOT be advised to lick the bowl (still filled half way with icing/next time half the recipe again)... all that sugar kept me from going back to sleep and right about now (when I have to leave for work) I feel the sugar drop... and I am falling hard. Uggg! I should be a real party animal tonight, ha ha ha.

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