Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Temple Blessings...

 What a really special day, at the Temple with our missionary.
His Dad said everytime they called him "Elder" he got all choked up.  What a sweet experience.
 They greeted him with open arms, and everyone wanting to know where he was going on his mission.  (I think he is finally pronouncing Paraguay, Asuncion North properly).   He said the Temple President was wonderful and reminded him of his Papa Cliff, that couldn't have made him feel more at home.  I watched him as he saught out Jacob to spend special time with him, he seemed to know just how to pick out a missionary out of all the people in the Temple.  The mother's view is quite different than any other.  As he prepared and received some special attention and instruction for his first time, I watched a very busy Temple begin to fill.   A few special friends were coming to be with him on this special day and we were worried there might not be enough room.  All but one made it into the same session with us... they were trying to be careful to include everyone that was with "the missionary" so I don't know how one of his young men leaders didn't make it in with us; but it was busier than I had ever seen it and I think they were a little overwhelmed by the volume. They did seem to make special room for his Bishop, and we were so happy to have him and his sweet wife next to us.
(pictured with our Bishop and Sister Amber Snow)
Jacob has made allot of close family friends in our ward here.
They love him and wanted to be with him to support him.  He is really very fortunate and I have been so grateful for him to have such exemplary examples to follow and look up to.
He seemed to enjoy his time at the Temple tonight and wants to go back often.  The Temple near us will be closing next month for renovations and we will have to drive to Twin Falls for an unknown time, but probably at least a year or maybe more.  And it would be fun if we could make it to Seattle for a quick weekend and go to the Temple there as well.

When I reflected back on the day we were sealed as a family for time and all eternity... I didn't know there could be a better feeling.
But tonight I felt even more joy beyond measure.
A very special time with our son, it was a beautiful day!
A beautiful blessing for Jacob and our family!
I love the Temple!

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