Saturday, April 23, 2011

I have lost feeling in my left eye...

I am still a little numb (literally my left eye is numb?? so weird) from the news of the teenagers mission call on Thursday night, it's just so surreal.
But I spent the day in the Temple on Friday, and felt the peace and comfort available there.  My strong silent mysterious man joined me after work and there is just no better place to be together.
This weekend is our Stake Conference and we attended the adult session tonight, and since the teenager is officially an adult, he went too.  I guess I will have to finally come up with a new endearing reference for him other than "the teenager"... seems like "the missionary" will fit for a while.  Our dear stake president throughout his remarks tonight asked several different members in our stake to come up and share their testimony... there were some tender circumstances surrounding their lives recently that seemed to prompt his request.  And "the missionary" was included in that invitation.  It is a blessing like no other to hear my son bear his testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He was asked to share why he is going to serve a mission and included in his testimony... "because I love my Heavenly Father".  There just isn't enough tissue to catch a mothers tears when she hears these words from her son.  I feel gratitude and love, along with much anxiety and then peace comes in waves when the pressure in my chest is about to burst.  I haven't slept for two days, and I was hoping tonight would be the night.  But after the events of the evening, now I wonder?
We came home and found a nice distraction.... 
these adorable "carrot" bags with kettle corn for Easter and "the missionaries" Temple Preparation Book to study for his classes that will start next week.  Our home teacher is going to teach the classes, and we have gotten to know him really well.  He has a missionary coming home from Huston Texas May 18th and has helped "the missionary" along the way on his path to serve a mission with stories, and advice and much wisdom as he has served our family.  And his lovely wife has been of great comfort to me as a sounding board to know I am not a crazy Mom experiencing so many thoughts and feelings and emotions along this journey.  It was just so perfect that he was called to teach this class at this time.  And it is looking like Jacob will be his only student, so he will get one on one instruction, this does a mothers heart good too.


She Loves To Make said...

I got tears in my eyes when reading about Jacob's response to the question "why he was serving a mission?" What a great kid. I am so excited for him!

McDowell Family said...

We sure love Jacob. It seems like he has had a permanent grin on his face for a while now! Will you please let us know when he will attend the Temple. Travis would love to be there to support him and me too. We are so proud of him and you guys for being so strong.

beth said...

Thanks Megan :)

beth said...


One of Pres. McCune's words of wisdom was to make sure he gets to the Temple sooner than later, so I hope we will have many many opportunities to be with him there before September comes! It will be wonderful :)

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