Monday, February 21, 2011

Welcome to Seattle...

It was hard to leave my strong silent mysterious man behind for this trip, but he needed to stay and work while I left to take the teenager to Seattle for a visit with my family before he leaves for a mission.

The flight in was so beautiful! 
Sunshine, it's rare this time of year...
but it was bright and beautiful from the moment we landed
for both days over the weekend!!
We could see Mt. Adams (left) and Mt. St. Helens (right).
And then my mountain :)  Mt. Rainer... It was almost like I could reach out and touch it!!
Doesn't it make you want to go helicopter skiing??  Just let me out here!!
Lynn and Nene and Brooklynn picked us up!
And we went back to the house to see Papa and play for a little while.
Little girls, you gotta love them... we played hair, then that turned into playing Rapunzel (of course!)
And she is so cute singing, so we made her pull out every song on her playlist... even itsy bitsy spider.
And my sister should be crowned the Costco Queen!
Good timing, it's really nice to have a teenager haul and load the groceries!
And Mom in the kitchen... she's really as good as "Paula" and has the sweet southern accent and hospitality to go along with it (but I did cure her of calling everyone "Shuga" when I was a teenager to avoid dying of embarrassment).  Although if she reverted back to that now, it wouldn't bother me.

Papa really misses the teenager, so while Nene was fixin' him food... Papa was talking his ears off (smile).
Sunday morning Lynn came by and we drove over the hill to Puget Sound to get a few pictures.
The seals were hanging near the pier catching their breakfast from the two fishermen who finally caught on that as soon as they would bait and cast the seals were eating everything they were trying to catch.
It may be the last time we see sunshine while we are here, so it was worth getting out of bed for.

I will try and keep up with all the family and fun, and post about our trip.
But so far, it's just hard to stop and document, it's already going by too fast.
I LOVE Seattle, and it's always really neat to come home... I am trying to just soak it up and absorb all the good feelings of love, beautiful scenery, water, green and family time while I am here.


Travis and Jana said...

How fun! I want to visit Seattle too. I can't believe how beautiful the weather has been for you guys. Have fun!

HeidiT said...

How fun to get to go visit family! I love Seattle, we are headed there for a quick trip in a month and I am so excited.

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