Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Seattle Chapter One...

Sunday we went to church to one of our old wards.
It was so long ago, the teenager didn't really remember too many people and most of the close friends he had made there, had moved away.  But there were still a few families that it made it fun to see them and go back to a familiar place.
Then Mom had the family over to eat in the afternoon.
And crazy me, I was having so much fun I forgot to get pictures until, yep they were leaving :(
Lillian is letting Nene put her coat on.
She is a cutie and always on a dead run into something.
Good thing her Dad is quick.. she really keeps him on his toes though.
Nene and Brooklynn (3) waving goodbye to Lillian (2)...  can you just imagine the family gatherings when we have two teenage girls in the house plotting ways to sneak out to see the boys?  Yikes!!
I like it when they "like" you and make friends even when you haven't been around them for a while.
It can either go really good, or really bad.
It was all good!!
Then we taught Brooklynn how to play "go fish"!
It was hilarious... the funnest game of go fish EVER!!!
And I think I made another buddy!  Yay!!
And her Mommy has a new Iphone with the "Tangled" application and took our picture and added another new buddy, Pascal!!
 There is always a funny guy in the crowd... we never think it will be Jerry, but it often is :) 

That's better... 
Monday started with an early workout and swim class with my Mom and Lynn.  I survived, but barely, for not having worked out for EVER!!!

Then the teenager did his window cleaning magic...
It helped allot that Aunt Lynn was his helper for half of the time...
he and I don't work well together, I'm too bossy.
Just something of note...

her shoe selection...
(sensible... it's been raining for months here in Seattle and the ground is smushy and soft and still wet)
the teenagers shoe selection...
(sandals with socks??)

Just sayin'

And a friend of Papa's came to visit.
Charlie Branks... he owns the best BBQ joint in town, and he is from the same town as my Dad, but they didn't meet until they were in Seattle.  It's a neat story, and he is a super great guy and looks in on my parents.  Very comforting when you live far away.

The "coin bank" where Papa and Nene save all their coins from shopping trips or going out and give them to the teenager... was cracked open, all bagged up and ready to cash in to put into his mission fund.  So Uncle Jerry helped us go through all of them, and sort them to find the ones he still needed for his states coin collection.
And the teenager got all their windows cleaned Monday too!
Monday night Ralph and Panda came over and I made our famous fried rice and shrimp (or fried rice and ham for the teenager)... YUMMO!
Then Papa gave up the flicker and let us put in "Despicable Me" for a family night movie.
AND he stayed and watched it with us!!
Miracles still exist.   Another great day!!

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Johnna said...

Branks is the best. Your mom and dad took us last time we were in town with Marcus and Brittany. Yep it is still being talked about here. Looks like you are haveing a great time. Love you!

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