Thursday, December 2, 2010

Snow Play!

We were loving a perfect Snow day for December 1st!
My boys braved the drive to work.
Morgan and Taylor only dreamed of going out in! Rudy, dreaming but not so much about the cold snow as he was a warm snuggly blanket.
I had to go dig out a path for him to go out... he hated every minute of it.
Taylor on the other hand!
Well she just wears her feelings right out there on her paws doesn't she?
Her and Morgan ran and played out in the snow and has so much fun.

I actually had fun shoveling snow most of the day... I just kept thinking about what a great free workout it was... so I dug out some of the widows and single ladies we know too. They sit inside, threatened by their older children living in other states over the phone not to get out in it... but can't stand seeing it sit on their driveways and sidewalks, chomping at the bit to get it cleared. So it was a win win win situation. I get a workout, they get their snow cleared, and the kids have the peace of mind knowing their mothers are not going out and slipping and breaking anything in the snow.
Then we all came inside and warmed up.
Today I can't get Taylor out of the bed!
She is pooped out, so funny!


HeidiT said...

Love the pics of the dogs! They look SO excited.

Lindsey said...

My Katey was the exact same way... bounding around like a deer. She loved it too! My old lady dog... not so much!

Kristi M. said...

Your dogs are hilarious! Totally a happy lab attitude. Love it!

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