Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Snow, finally!

I have never been so upset to have to turn off the weather reports, but they have gotten it soooo wrong for so many weeks around here now, I quit listening. Before Thanksgiving they were saying we would wake up to 8-10 inches of snow and I would spring out of bed to complete wet pavements, rain??? What????
I have gotten almost rotten and unable to be excited for my family who has seen snow in Utah and Seattle, because all the blizzard warnings and snow advisories around here were totally bogus! For weeks now! It's ridiculous!!
Finally it started snowing last night, but I wasn't getting my hopes up, they said it would be raining by morning. But we woke up to some accumulation and closed schools, Yay!
Rudy took one look and headed back to his kennel... I had to pry him out and send Jacob outside to dig out a hole in the snow for him to go outside, I handed him out and Jacob nicely placed him in the dig out... but you can't really tell a dog where to go, so he leaped out into the piles of snow and made his own path. The whole way he had to deal with a very excited Taylor jumping and flipping snow on him... when he finally reached the door to come back inside he turned and gave her a big growl, to let her to LEAVE HIM ALONE, he was quite a grouchy old man this morning, and he probably won't be going back out again today, he is done!

And it's still snowing, wahoo!
I guess that will be my cardio workout today... shoveling snow!
Be careful what you wish for, huh?


Donna Lynn said...

Have fun! There should be a way to teach Taylor how to shovel snow where you want it. Go for it.

Kristi M. said...

I find it incredible how it can be totally snowy in Boise and complete fall still in Caldwell. I had to run errands last week in Boise and was shocked when I encountered the snow. Same thing today. Totally clear and sunny and hit fog in Meridian like a brick wall. Crazy. I remember having so much snow in the late 80's in the valley and we've never had it like that since.

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