Thursday, November 25, 2010

Annual Turkey Bowl...

Highlights from the annual turkey bowl game!

The teenager braved the 9 degree weather, but my strong silent mysterious man stayed home in bed.

I went just to take a few pics and then jumped back in the car and came home for hot cocoa to warm up. I have no idea how they stayed out there as long as they did in the freezing cold.

We had to giggle, the teenager pulled out his Seahawk jersey he wore when he was 8, "it still fits" he claims! ha ha Everything is a fashion statement to him...even the annual turkey bowl!
He did finally come home warmed up and I finished putting the rest of the food together (no more food flops Mom, yay).
And our turkey had a pop out button... Ive never had one of those before, it was so cute. I didn't really trust it though, and I put in my own meat thermometer just in case.
I used Alton Brown from the Food Networks Good Eats Roasted Turkey Recipe and then cooked it inside a roasting bag. They are just no fail.
It turned out great, and we had a really yummy meal together.
I am so grateful to be home with my family.
My boys are awesome!
After we ate, the tryptophan kicks in and we wanted to take naps.
But there was this crazy noise above my bedroom, was it those crazy squirrels that are always teasing my dogs?
No, it was a woodpecker, trying to take us down... one shingle at a time.
I will go deal with him and then come back for my nap and come back and blog about all the things I am so thankful for this year!

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Lindsey said...

BRRRR.... it is to gosh dang cold to be outside!!!

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