Tuesday, November 23, 2010


This weekend I finally watched "Enchanted". Such a great Disney movie. Jacob and I used to watch the Disney movies over and over and over again together! So I finally talked him into it, promising that if he could endure through some of the singing in the beginning, it would be worth it. He almost bailed out on me a couple of times. He is pretty much over the Disney songs now. But he endured and once he got to the point where the prince starts bolting out in song and gets run over by a swarm of bicyclists, he laughed so hard.... he thought it was a good movie and worth his time.

But I have to giggle and tease him because he has "True Love's First Kiss" stuck in his head every since! He just keeps putting on his head phones and blasting his itune music in his head to get rid of it. But somehow the acoustics in the shower bring it back to memory all over again, ha ha!

And what is funnier than hearing him singing in the shower, is that you know when you hear one of those songs that get stuck in your head... well along with the song, there is the dance moves you have to do while singing it! Like the swooping knee bend and both hands clutched over your heart! LOL!!

I love our teenager, and I am so grateful that when Dad is away, as much as he pretents to hate it, he gives in and acts like a kid again when it's just US. Good times!

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Emily :] said...

Hahaha This post made me laugh! haha I absolutely LOVE that movie. I can't believe you hadn't seen it yet. Shame, shame. :]

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