Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Up's and Down's this week...

This week started out really good.
Monday I was so motivated and worked on piles and piles of laundry, and I was able to get the last two loads into the washer and dryer before the boys got home from work.
I started the project of moving out summer/spring clothes and bringing in fall/winter clothes.
Something I kind of dread, but LOVE it once I have it done.

It is kind of like Christmas finding things I had forgotten I owned. And a really good time to get rid of things when I realize I unpacked them last season and never ever put them on.
I have a few things I have just kept packed through the seasons, some smaller sizes I hope to get into one day again.
I tried on some and found they fit, but now I am not sure why ever thing I owned in this size is embellished at the ankle? I must have really been into it, or really wanted to distract the eye to my feet? Not sure if they are still in style, but they fit!
Some sentimental things, I would just never get rid of.
The teenager will probably die if he sees me in this one... but I might have to wear it anyway.

The Christmas sweater... not quite sure how to make this look stylish... the last time I wore it when long sweaters with tight legging's underneath were in style. Hmmm. Maybe that look will come back again one day :)
And I have had these jackets since the early 80's and I am sure acid wash denim and fringe is hitting Paris any season now... so I can't get rid of it yet, just in case.
And of course the big padded shoulders... they make a statement right?
After all the sorting was done... I felt so good about all I was accomplishing, and headed to the kitchen to bake up some special family night treats.
I have had a horrible time getting this stone pan seasoned so that the cakes will come out on their own. I have had to dig everything out of this pan since I owned it. Which of course ruins the shape which is the whole point. So one last attempt with it and then I am giving it away! Well what do you know... it worked this time!
Cute little raspberry pound cakes!
I was so excited to try a new recipe and I planned to indulge on a treat, and looked forward to it all day long. Of course the boys were not as impressed as I was... par for the course at my house.
Tuesday was a full day of work and meetings so the last two loads were still stranded in the washer and dryer. The sugar I was sooo looking forward to, ended up making me super sick because I hadn't had any for a really long time. I felt yucky all day, and so I turned to comfort food to help make it better grabbing it on the go... which ended up making me feel worse.
I did have a really good guitar lesson, but found out my guitar guru is working a two week notice at his job. He will still keep teaching me, but we were really mixed about hearing the news. Happy he has the faith to leap forward and do good things for himself, but so sad not to have him as our music consultant. My strong silent mysterious man walked away like he had been hit by a bus, but he totally gets the vision, he has had it so many times, but selfishly wants him to stay. We really wish him the BEST in all he pursues and in finding that valuable time with his family that is so priceless, and will probably secretly follow him and keep track of him (I may NEVER learn enough to quit taking lessons now, ha ha). Because we are kind of attached! He is a really super good guy!!
Then I ran over to the church not to miss a bread making class!
I am so NOT confident in my bread making... and was so hopeful to learn something that would help me be better. I didn't learn any new techniques, but I discovered something that might be the reason for all my bread to turn into big ol' bricks... old yeast! I am testing my yeast right away. I had considered it before, but my bread rises... it's just super dense and heavy. Not all light and fluffy. So either bad yeast or old flour... it's not my flour, so it must be my yeast. Now I know how to find out. It was a long day!
Today, I look at the big pile of fall/winter clothes that need to be hung up. Dirty dishes. Those last two loads, still screaming for me from the laundry room. And I still feel yucky, from the sugar and then add on all the bad food I ate yesterday. My back hurts, it's a nagging aching pain I can't get rid of. And it's super cold! My toes are cold. I was having such a hard time getting out from under the covers today! Where is all the energy and enthusiasm I had on Monday?
Don't give into it... fight it!
Drink your water, flush out the toxins!
Get moving!
Feel good about what you can accomplish today!
I have a terrible angel/devil thing going on inside my head.
The up's are good, so good. The down's are so hard sometimes.


Rachel Ann said...

fyi: no need to wait - long sweaters and pants are TOTALLY in style RIGHT now. as in - i am am wearing a long sweater - past my bum - and skinny jeans while i type this. and i think that sweater is so cute. pull it out for christmas time for sure. :)

Della said...

Do Christmas sweaters, denium of any kind, a child's hand print ever go out of style? I don't think so......congratulations! You can do this.

Beth said...

Good to hear... thanks!

Lindsey said...

So first off... I think I had the exact same jean jacket but I am not sure that is in style anymore :) Also - You really do look wonderful!! Congrats on fitting into the jeans, such a wonderful feeling!

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