Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Minute to Win it!

Our ward activity was an ice cream social and "Minute to Win it" games.
When we first moved to this ward, they had an ice cream social and everyone brought homemade ice cream :) My Strong Silent Mysterious Man ate so much he was sick... trying all the flavors and different toppings. The very next day he went out and bought an electric ice cream churn and then we proceeded to learn how to make ice cream... it's a trial and error kind of process. And he gained like 15lbs. in almost 2 months before he gave it up for a while.
So ever since then, we are committed to attending all of the ice cream socials... it's the time we break out our ice cream maker and try something new.
This time I attempted to add caramel to our favorite vanilla ice cream. It was good and the caramel stayed soft and you didn't bite into anything hard and crunchy, but because I was being so careful to add it at the end of the process it was difficult to get it mixed in, so I think all the caramel was in one batch at the bottom.
And ours melts soooo fast, it's hard to enjoy unless you eat it right out of the churn when it stops. Anytime after that, you end up with more of a milkshake.
Still a work in process, but one we don't mind eating the mistakes.
There were tons of fun games... that you have to perform or race someone else in less than a minute. One was "extreme hanky panky".
So the teenager was all in... you could only use one hand to pull one tissue at a time out of the box and the first empty box wins.
When they said go... one of his fearless young men leaders next to him bumped the teenagers box off on the floor... so not fair, but if the truth be told, he probably really really deserved it from some rotten trick he pulled in the past :)

The piles got bigger and bigger...
And the winner.... Yay, goes to girl power!!

So perfect to show the men up like that... and the two cheaters on the left finished at the same time for last place.
There were lots of fun games the primary age kids could compete in too... the winner got a piece of candy, so perfect to finish off after their ice cream topped with m&m's, chocolate sauce, strawberry topping, sprinkles and a shot of whipped cream!

This one was called defying gravity, they had to keep a balloon in the air for a minute without touching the ground. The adult version is 3 balloons.
A good time was had by all, and we have put away our ice cream maker this year... just to be safe.

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McDowell Family said...

Hey cool pictures!!!! :) I have a really good one of Jacob with the cookie on his forehead! It is hilarious so I will post those tomorrow!!! Thanks again for taking the pictures for me!

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