Monday, October 4, 2010

General Conference Weekend...

I really tried hard to be prepared in our home to watch the General Conference sessions on Saturday and Sunday this weekend.
Something that we have kind of half done is review our 72 hour kits... we have them, but they have food and survival supplies like flash lights and a tent and hand shovel and all that kind of stuff, but what we fall short on is either rotating the food, or the "other lists" of things to grab on the way out the door (like my glasses... I would be blind if I had to take out my contacts without them (NOT GOOD) or dog food)... sometimes it takes us a couple of times before we the food changed out. It could be a really fun thing, to eat your 72 hour kit food for the weekend of conference to see if you could live on it for 3 days? But we are never that brave (maybe if I had started when the teenager was really little). And we need more water stored, we have some that would be helpful in an emergency, but probably not enough, YIKES!
My thoughts lately have been towards everything and every moment being the last opportunities to have teaching times with the teenager before he goes on a mission.
So this was no different for me... I figured that what we pack in our food supply will be reviewed for the LAST time with him at the April Conference before he goes on his mission next year. So that made it really important to me that we got it complete and right and just showed the example these last two conferences that we are finally good at rotating the supplies in these kits. And while he is gone, he will know what we are doing together at home... being obedient and checking and rotating our 72 hour kits in between conference. Not to mention the peace I have from being prepared AND following the council of our leaders.
Well I was prepared, I had everything ready to do in between sessions on Saturday. Reluctantly the family gathered.... it was clear, this was my "deal" not theirs. They showed up, but no enthusiasm, no input. I tried to explain why it was so important and where we would be if we didn't do this and there was an emergency. But nobody was really buying into it. They acted like if I had it covered why did I have to make such a big deal out of everyone being there and participating. Maybe not what they were exactly thinking, but this was the "tude" I was getting.
So needless to say, I was offended, I got huffy... it didn't get any better from there. Not one of us could see eye to eye.
We managed not to get mad and walk away (but there was serious contention), everyone put on the face and we finished the job at hand.
And we finished listening thru the next session.
Then with softened hearts there was appologies all around.
I found out, My Strong Silent Mysterious Man was really hurting from a back injury.
So pain was keeping him from having a good attitude.
The teenager, well he is just eternally tired... not a good excuse, but I do "get it".
And I am just wound up too tight and putting thoughts into their heads that they may not really be thinking! Not everyone is excited about granola bars as me (I can't imagine why though).
I love the gentle power of the words during conference weekend.
To uplift, and enlighten!
To teach me to BE BETTER!
To Humble me when I am prideful and just want things MY WAY (like not packing the crackers under the heavy cans of beenie weenies)!
I am so grateful for the tender mercies of God to help us show love to one another and have patience with our shortcomings. And to grow in this life so we can return to be with Him again :)
I LOVE conference weekend, for extra pajama time!
For uninterupted peace and quiet, and limited phone calls :)
For time to reflect.
For time during the priesthood session to play in my craftroom!
I LOVE Conference Weekend for how I feel on Monday to keep pressing forward with a steadfastness in Christ!

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She Loves To Make said...

Oh man...if we tried to live on our emergency backpacks I think we would be in trouble! I need to go through those!

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