Wednesday, September 29, 2010

St. Lukes Womens Fitness Celebration "girls weekend"...

I had the BEST time with my Mom and Sister while they were here...
I didn't take near enough pictures and I should have stopped to blog everyday, because it was such a blur afterwards... but here are some pics of the weekend.
Our annual picture with the capital in the background... that gets whited out everytime, ha ha.
At the womens show this year we watched the women line dancers... it was a group that we HAVE to get my Mom into. Great activity, fun friends, women getting together to dance, so fun!
We didn't see Jared this year :(

Shopping with my Sis... she can pretty much try on anything and look good.
A jacket at Costco... so cute, but we didn't buy this one.

It helped that they were doing "the challenge" with me with some friends.
It's a point system and you get points for drinking your water, eating fruits and veggies, exercising, and not eating out, eating sweets, eating after 8pm, taking your vitamin, and getting 7 hours of sleep each night.
So we packed a lunch with us everywhere... and only ate out one time all week!
The womens fitness celebration 5k on Saturday morning...

We had fun, but we graded them with a C- this year for excitment and motivation before the race. The music stopped, the main speaker was really boring and not motivating at all.
It has been so much better in past years, but I will still come do it again.

They were competing with the Boise State game that day... so the numbers were probably much lower. But still... they missed their mark this year.
The Moose.

We were not close enough to see the elite racers this year or the girls that race in wheelchairs... but you could still feel the power and energy of what they accomplish!

Still quit a sea of racers!
Walking and taking photos is a talent all in itself :)
Note to self... next year we want to come up with something that will distinguish us as a group... we saw halo's, boa's, sparkly matching socks!
So cute to see groups of people celebrating... we will have to discuss and come up with a plan on what we celebrate together and have our own "logo" that will define us.
Across the ridge!
Our friends on Tuxedo Row were there to greet us!
He tried to get "the teenager" to do this with him this year... but it was a BIG NO!
Later that day... after the race we went to help out the teenager covering for a friend who has his old job at the golf course.... oh those were the good ol' days.

Then that evening we went to a Boise State Bronco's party at some friends.... this will include an entire other post, really fun and I took lots pics.
Sunday morning goodbyes came way too early.
We were not ready for Aunt Lynn and Nene to leave... but it was time to get back to our routines.
A really fun week, great time with "the girls", a priceless celebration of sisterhood and our divine nature as women!


Donna Lynn said...

We did have fun!!!

Lindsey said...

How fun!! I know I have said it a million times but I truely envy the relationship you have with your family... so, so lucky!

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