Monday, September 13, 2010

Gmaw and Gpaw...

My Strong Silent Mysterious Man and his Mom :)

They were super tired when we saw them Thursday night when they got into town... but we refreshed, recouped and they took us to lunch Saturday.
What a wonderful time with them. And her sister and her Husband... Aunt Fay and Uncle Gene.

We giggle but always have to measure the teenager against gmaw... well now it is measuring gmaw against the teenager :)
She's down to the second button on his shirt now.

We love them and are so grateful to get to see them anytime we can!!
We love you two!! Thanks so much for coming up to see us :)
We haven't been to see their new home in Southern Utah since they moved!
But now that we have a good doggie daycare... we HAVE to plan a trip!!

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