Thursday, June 17, 2010


  • I have had a really hard making time to blog lately.
  • Life is busy, yes, but that darn ol' vapor lock set in again.
  • Uploading pictures was giving me greif.
  • Lots of grief.
  • Not wanting to forget a really special wonderful week was causing me great guilt.
  • A heavy heart that it is past.
  • A little anxiety about the future.
  • Trying to learn to grow up and let the teenager grow up without me.
  • A season of my life past.
  • A new season and adventure to look forward to.
  • I don't want to forget the reasons why I blog.
  • It makes me happy.
  • It changes how I look at cherish each moment of each day.
  • I don't want to forget about some of the fun random, ordinary days in my life.
  • Some of the last ordinary days with my teenager at home.
  • I used to post about nothing all the time.
  • Now nothing is hard to write about.
  • I like nothing, sometimes... it helps me clear my head.
  • Too much of everything put me in a fog, and I don't cherish moments well in the fog.

  • Fog is confusing.
  • I will commit to taking a photo each day to journal about.
  • I am getting caught up on my back load of posts from graduation.
  • Just one more... the big event... to post.
  • Then onward and upward and this heavy burden off my shoulders so I can be free to blog again!

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